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Wait! It's What We Do at A Horse Show

Waiting on Everything, But Hurry!

It’s a perfect sunny day. You know the days…… shows week after week. You prepare as always. Ride every day, meticiuously, pack your show clothes and tack trunk. Wake up at 4am to get to the barn. There is where happens……wait on everything!

Your coach is late, but you have already fed the horse, spot cleaned him and lunged his craziness out of him. Your coach arrives and now it’s hurry up or ‘we will be late.

Time to to load the trailer. Oh, wait, surprise… won’t load. After what seems like forever of pushing, pulling and prodding you are underway, and surprisingly making good time.

Arriving at the show you still need to get in your passport and entries.


What????, The office is lined up. Wait, so many people. Is the cashier ‘chatting’ with those people ahead of you…. Of course she is! Finally....number accomplished and back to the stall.

No miracles happened, your horse is still in the trailer waiting for YOU to take him out. Off to check the courses and order of go. What, another delay? Your division is moved or there are so many SUDDENLY in your division; the double digits are making your eyes swim. Well, that’s another delay. Back to the stall to make sure your horses hasn’t been rubbing out their perfect braids .


Outside of the ring so perfect Mr. won't be Mr. Sassy.


it on 10 people to use the warm-up ring and then you can tack. Enter the warm-up ring. Must be 50 people in there,, ok, that’s a small exaggeration, but still. Sure there is some swiping left to left, but seriously, can’t anybody call a direction – inside/outside, cross-rail, something.

You are feeling good about the-crazy -somebody-cut-you-off-three times in the warm-up. Back to the stall to check where you are in the count. You’re in less than 3 riders. How did that happen? All hands on deck….ready! Rush up to the ring, how can two riders still be ahead of you?

Wait for it!!!!

CW Photography

Go over the courses and off you go. High five and good job from your coach!


They need to do the other 30 million riders first before the other courses.


What? They are going to pin after each course and jog, then the hack?

So is that a 30 minute delay? Great, finally a break I can actually be happy about. Suddenly there is time to actually eat and drink and not look like a zombie. Not going to lie, it’s still going to be fries and maybe a hamburger, but I still can get a water and still feel good about it.

Oh no, time to jog……they are calling the order, what???? Was that me? Wait again for the 3rd time before you actually hear your name or some facsimile thereof. Was that, jog the diagonal? Or straight up the line. Well, wait and see. You are off, wait, your mount isn’t interested in jogging. So embarrassing, but you finally got your ribbon and you can’t wait to do that again.but wait. Was that my name? Hurry up they are waiting on YOU!

Wonders of wonders, wait again. They have to harrow the ring and reset for the hack. You of course you can tack in 1 minute flat and are mounted and ready.


Is your class being split in two? Of course it is and lucky you are in the second group, so wait on it. What? Good new, they are pinning and no jogging. Well that’s one for the day.

After an incredible 3 hours your division is complete. You are happy, lessons learned and new goals set for the next week.


You still have to wait for your Equitation Division. There is 2 hours guaranteed. Don’t just stand there, go walk & water the horse give him a break! Finally 3 hours later, do it all again.

But wait, my final words for the day: relax, breathe…..repeat. This is your passion. All you have done you have waited for. Good luck riders! I salute your Dedication, Excellence and strength of spirit. lThe hard work does pay off. Don't forget to Pat Your Pony! Enjoy the loads and loads of laundry! :)

Nicole Jaswal 15 years old and is a My Barn Child Brand Ambassador, trainer, rider and on the Canadian National Polo Team and sometimes blogger.

All Images are courtesy of CW Photography. Pictured rider: Nicole Jaswal and below from my B Equitation at Champs at Caledon Equestrian Park in 2015 out of 46 riders. I was 13. Please join my page at

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