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There are a lot of selfies being taken out there and none more than the #ROOTD or #OTTD. If you haven’t been living under a rock for the last 6 months, #ROOTD (Riding Outfit Of the Day) or #OTTD (Outfit Of The Day) is all the rage in posting on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. It can be an obsession, but it has so many excellent factors involved to break down.

What’s the newest and greatest in equestrian fashion and accessories? Are you on trend, #onfleek? Spring is in the air and looking stylish while feeling comfortable and ready to perform at your best with your horse or pony is what it's all about. Not only does it give every rider a sense of individualism and style, but it also creates a camaraderie with the social community. It’s an excuse to browse through new fashions and brands that we all love to have.

What will make your #ROOTD stand out? What is the image you are trying to project? You can look polished, vintage, and fun. You can mix it up with everyday wear and add sweaters, jackets, scarves and fleece to take you anywhere. Investing in the brands you love to support and wear will take you into your own personal style. Are you trendy, uber chic or classy.

What is your Got To Have It Essentials?

Do you add a touch of class & sass with My Barn Child with the must have 'Match Your Pony' earrings & bridle charm? The sass of 'Stop Staring At My Pony' saddle pad or 'Ponys >>> Boys' Hoodies.

Do you love C4 belts ? Every colour in the rainbow with customizable belts & buckles for any occasion.

Do you say it with Phyills Stein’s T-shirts - with the famous '#ROOTD' or 'Tall Boots, Tight Pants' or 'Hunterland'.

If you think of the amount of time invested in choosing your #ROOTD, it is clear that your choices are well thought out. Think of all the times at the barn when you got that complimented on your outfit. It makes not only your day, but makes you ride with confidence.

Defining your style is all about empowerment, confidence and individualism.Don’t think no one is paying attention? Trust me EVERYONE is! The equestrian community is one where the image of the rider is polished and professional and always watching.

This is the opportunity to shine and represent - but still, YOU to the core! Stand out, be noticed!!

Always Find Balance, Build Confidence, and Finish Strong


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