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Fall is an incredible time for all equestrians to take the time reflect on their show season. Evaluate your success, struggles, and set new goals.

It’s never too early to be thinking about where you need to improve! Making tangible goals, setting time frames, and staying positive is extremely important.

You may want to challenge yourself to off-property schooling shows or clinics. Off-property schools shows gives you an opportunity to experience everything from entering an unfamiliar ring and obstacles to unfamiliar sights and sounds.

Clinics can be an effective way to improve everything from your seat, jumping or equitation. Educators offer their vast expertise of knowledge over 1-2 day sessions. Each session is a wealth of strategies to help develop focus, confidence and give you the tools to grow as a rider. Many clinics also offer auditing. Observation is an excellent way to learn. No pressure to perform, only to learn. You’ll come away with exercises or new skill sets you will want to try. You’ll find you aren’t the only one who needs to work on the same things.

Your interactions with your horse teach you everyday. It is the subtle nuances of body language that speaks loudly. It is through education that you bring with you the tools you need to grow and communicate.

Yes, show season is over, but don’t let missing learning opportunities give you missed opportunities. That perfect course you just landed, the equitation class you just placed in; that was the confidence to grow as a rider.

You CAN do it. Set yourself up for success.

Find Balance, Build Confidence, and Finish Strong

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